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 High temperatures and dry heat will do damage to your hair on a daily basis. You can, however, get shiny silky strands if you do the correct steps while blow drying your hair. Your hair can be transformed into all beautiful.First things first, you need to have the right styling products.If you are looking to get that sleek, smooth and straight look, you want to use an anti-frizz serum that has a shine serum built in. Recommended  product would be KMS California Free Shape Hot Flex Cream. For putting your hair in those up do’s and you need extra hold, combine that with a gel. To apply, keep your hair wet, rub the mixture in your hands as if putting on lotion. Flip your head over and apply from the roots and work your way out.
Patience is a virtue when styling your hair. It is very important that you learn to take your time when blow drying. Use the dryer to remove at least 50% of the moisture from your hair to start. You then want to pin the top layer on top of your head and start by low drying the bottom layers first. This may take a little longer but your style will last longer and your hair will have more body.
You can also apply KMS Quick Blow dry lotion , Speeds up drying time up to 50%. Reduces friction while conditioning lightly. Provides heat protection.